About me hmmm; where to start… well, I like beer. I like to make beer, I like to drink beer. I also like to talk about beer, and making beer.

Do you need anything more then that? Well if so, you can keep reading… Beyond beer, I am a Husband and Father. I have been in the tech game for the better part of a decade. I work primarily with Microsoft Hyper-V, the Systems Center Suite, and a lot of PowerShell. I have several published PowerShell Modules, Scripts and Functions, you can find them on the PowerShell Gallery published under the username @dotps1. I have decided to abandon the dotps1 handle. Why? Doesn’t matter and I don’t have much more to say on that at this time.

Outside of who I am, I have a few hobbies; Homebrewing (obviously), 3D Printing, Mountain Biking, and Disc Golf. Although, to be honest, with my family and a full time career, I don’t do half of those as much as I’d like, and don’t do the other half as much as a should.

I homebrew mostly on the free time I get, most brewdays are time consuming so it tends to be an entire Saturday. But, the one thing homebrewing has really opened up for me is DIY projects. Things like temperature controllers. Which got me into 3D printing so I was able to make parts at home. Which got me into 3D design, So now I’m making parts that never existed before, improving on a base model, or adding features.

I love to pedal, and its one of the few things I do to somewhat be active. I pedal single track and on the road. Although, less on the road these days because peoples eyes are on their screens and not road in front of them. If I just lived somewhere a bit warmer, I could do it all year. But until then, Ill just keep cultivating mass in the winter months.

As far as Disc Golf goes, been doing it my whole life, just need the clock to open up some time for me to do it again.

What you can you plan on finding here?

  • Lots of brew day experiences, most of the time, something goes wrong. Sometimes worse then others, which should lead to some interesting homebrewed tales.
  • Probably some of the most obscure tech experiences that you’ll ever find, with fixes that neither you, or anyone you’ll ever meet will ever need, ever.
  • My what I’d do different if i did it again on DIY projects, from a fully functional BrewPiLess, to a prop Iron Man Reactor and stand (The stand I had to design from scratch and it turned out quite well.)
  • And maybe after enough beers, some really stupid rants on things like religion, god, death, politics, social culture, and possibly even some bullshit about movies.

Still here, impressive; this has probably been the worst About page you’ve ever read, (if you’ve even made this far). Bottom line is I’m just another lost soul doing things I somewhat enjoy to make time have some meaning. I’m overly eccentric, I over think absolutely everything, I always assume the worst, but, sometimes, just sometimes, amongst all my self induced anxiety, I get to laugh a bit too, so cheers!