CIP DIY Keg Washer

Ok Ok, its time for an easy build, no software, no programing, no CLI (command line interface) this one is cake, you don’t even need any tools, just some time (and money), and it will make washing your kegs easy peasy. And, in a later post, I’ll show you how to easily turn this washer into a keezer beer line cleaner!

So, frankly, F washing kegs! I mean if you are going to do it right you need to disassemble, remove the dip tube, wash, wash, rinse, rinse, blah blah. Ain’t no one got time for that! I’ve got a nice little build here that doesn’t break the bank and works pretty damn well. lets get to it!

Ok, down to business, this really doesn’t even need a build walk through but, I’m gonna give a little one, because……the pump works great to clean your beer lines as well (post to come) so I hope you buy one. This list going to be a little lack luster, because I bought some of it at my local hardware. But the few things you can get online are:

So, this build is pretty flipping easy. Basically, you just need a PVC tube up from the pump outlet, with the CIP Ball on top, now I added a T at the bottom, used a 6” tube, a T, and a 16” tube, and used a barb that comes with the pump and a short piece of hose to the liquid disconnect to shoot cleaner/rinse up the dip tube as well. Then the concept is straight forward, just fill a bucket with some water and oxyclean, put your keg cleaner in there and shoot hot oxyclean through the keg for a while and then switch it with clean hot water and rinse!

Boom, a keg cleaner. For me, I use old 7.75gal kegs as fermenters, so I use this to clean them as well. Works really good.


cake! easy peasy build! BEER TIME!


Tags: keezer  diy 
Written on May 7, 2019